Sailing is connection

with each other and the waters

Sailing is empowering and fun

Let us show you the way.

Sailing is white nights

and relaxing evenings

Sailing is happiness

Vind o Vatten – Wind and
Water – offers sailing tours for small groups and families
in Stockholm’s beautiful
southern archipelago.

Most of our skippers are female who own and sail the boats used on our expeditions.

Embark on a journey with us for a truly unique sailing experience starting in the quaint sailing village of Dalarö, one hour from Stockholm’s city centre. 

Come sail with us in 2024!

Has it always been a dream to sail in the Stockholm archipelago with friends and family? Why not sail with us? 

Our boats and skippers will provide you with a complete sailing experience whether you want to go out for just a day sail or if you prefer a longer voyage with an overnight anchorage.

No previous sailing experience is needed. It’s up to you the level at which you wish to participate. Most likely, you will pick up some new skills while exploring the unique world of islets and rocks that make up the Stockholm archipelago.

The sailing season in Stockholm begins in May through to September. We are now taking reservations for the 2024 sailing season. Please see the availability here on our website and feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have about our expeditions.

Our skippers Birgitta, Ulrika, Karin and Thomas look forward to meeting you and bringing you aboard their boats to let you work the lines and share with you their love of sailing in the Stockholm archipelago.

Day tours

Set sails for a full day
or a half day

Sailing adventures

Explore the archipelago and
stay overnight in the islands

Private sailing course

Bring family or friends and
learn how to sail


Private instructor on
your own boat

Examples of sailing tours

segling med övernattning
Sail and overnight anchorage

Sail and overnight anchorage

Do you dream of cruising between the skerries and islets of the archipelago, dropping anchor for the night in a secluded creek and falling asleep to the soft sounds of nature? Our proficient skippers welcome you aboard their yachts and let you discover the gems of the Stockholm archipelago. Together with family and friends you can sail for two, three or as many days as you wish!

Price from SEK 5 386/person, based on a booking of four adults.




A fantastic experience
We had a great 4 hour sail with Ulrika. She was a fabulous host. She knows the wind, the water, and her boat very well. A fantastic experience overall.

Mystery Person
Jeff H

A fantastic day on the water and an absolutely perfect sailing lesson!
Thank you Karin for a fantastic day on your boat! You gave us profound knowledge adjusted to our sailing level so that we were able to sail on our own the next day. It was a pleasure to spend the day together and we highly recommend Vind o Vatten! Thanks a lot!

Thomas and Hansi
Thomas V

Fantastic and unforgettable!
We are 3 Swiss people who love to sail and have always wanted to experience the Stockholm archipelago on a sailboat. Karin from Vind o Vatten made this possible. Her sailboat is moored in the port of Dalarö, a sailor’s paradise that is a 45-minute drive from Stockholm. Shortly after 10 a.m. we started – well “packed” in Karin’s sailing gear – on a 6-hour sailing tour around the island of Nämdö. Thanks to the good wind (it seems like there’s almost always wind here!) we were able to moor in a small bay and eat something for lunch. Karin is not only fluent in French and English, she is also an extremely interesting woman. We would highly recommend this sailing tour to anyone wanting to explore the archipelago.

Agnès with family
Agnès R

Sail and overnight anchorage
Fantastic sailing with Karin Modigh who was keenly alive to the needs and wishes of both children and adults, and who adapted the sailing with incredible care and thoughtfulness. An unforgettable trip to Huvudskär!

Mystery Person
Eva M

Stellar Outing
Sailing with Birgitta on the Esmeralda 2 was the most memorable time of my 5 days in Stockholm. The boat is tip top and her attitude is totally cool. Birgitta’s knowledge of the archipelago is encyclopedic but she totally gets that sailing is about listening to and watching the wind and water so you have to ask questions to get the full benefit of her wisdom! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Mystery Person
Saul of Gaul

An unforgettable trip
We went on a sailing trip with Birgitta on her beautiful boat « Esmeralda 2 ». We went around Dalarö and then the second day we sailed till Utö. It was very easy to sail and take an active role on the boat as Birgitta explained everything very clearly. She also had organized the trip in a way so we can get the most of the Archipelago : fine deli for lunch, dinner at a fancy restaurant and breakfast at a typical bakery with lots of delicious pastries. Birgitta has also been very helpful recommending things we can do while in the Archipelago. It was a unique and unforgettable experience for the whole family. I highly recommend it!

Mystery Person