Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions


1. Cancellation policy:
You may cancel your booking up to 30 days before the tour takes place. In case of cancellation we will pay back 85% of the booking payment. If you cancel the tour later than 30 days before the tour takes place, no refund is made by Vind o Vatten, regardless of the reason for cancelling.

2. Rebooking:
If you add a rebooking protection fee when booking your sailing/course/coaching, rebooking of wished date can be done up to 14 days before the tour is planned to take place. We cannot guarantee that you will be sailing with the same skipper/boat, and the available spots may be few, but the rebooking option is valid the whole season and also the season of the next year.

3. Cancellation insurance:
A cancellation insurance can be booked on this link (in swedish, and valid only if you live in the nordic countries) to 6% of the event price: https://www.erv.se/privat/vara-reseforsakringar/avbestallningsskydd/ This gives you a possibility to get the tour fee back if you for any reason can´t show up for the tour, or need to cancel later than 30 days before the tour takes place.
Please note that Vind o Vatten does not take any responsibility for the rules of ERV insurance, and that specific rules may apply regarding Covid -19. Please read their terms and condition carefully before booking.
If you make your booking from abroad, it will be easier to find an insurance in your own country to cover the costs in case you can´t come.

4. Stand in:
If you become ill or are having other problems to participate you may alternatively send a stand-in.

5. Our implementation guarantee:
If the skipper would become ill or for other reasons cannot complete the tour, or if something makes the booked boat impossible to use, the tour will be moved to another date within the same or next year´s season if this is possible for all participants, or alternatively be carried out with another skipper /boat. If none of this will work out, of course, the fee will be refunded.

6. Cancellation of sailing course
If less than two persons are booked on a general 3 day´s sailing course, it may be cancelled by Vind o Vatten. The person who have booked and paid for the course will be offered to reschedule his/her spot to another occation or the choice of refund.

7. Weather conditions:
We sail in most weather conditions and we adapt sail and sailing areas according to the weather. If the wind on the day of sailing would, for more than 30% of the booked time, be so hard that it is impossible to find sheltered sailing areas, we will reschedule the tour or parts of it, within the same or upcoming season. If it is not possible for both parts to reschedule, the tour fee can be refunded regarding the missing part.
For motorboat coaching, refer to special conditions when booking.

8. Swimming ability:
All participants in our sailingtours/courses/coaching must be able to swim 200 m.

9. Conditions regarding coaching on your own boat:
In case of bad weather: We do very seldom cancel coaching due to bad weather. Most often we can find areas for training even if the wind might be generally hard. In extreme weather conditions, or if the owner of the boat do not find it possible or safe to take the boat out, the coaching or parts of it may be moved to another day.
Regarding security: The owner of the boat is responsible for the condition and security of the boat used for coaching. The boat must have an insurance, and we also recommend the participants to have an accident insurance. We always start the coaching with a security check, so please make sure in advance that all security equipment is in order and ready to use. You, as boat owner and skipper are fully responsible for the maneuvers of the boat, and for having appropriate safety and rescue equipment on board and that the boat is seaworthy. The coach comes on board only as a guide, not as a responsible skipper. If the coach finds the boat in a not seaworthy condition, he/she is not obliged to leave the dock with the boat. If coaching can´t be done due to the boat´s condition, no refund is made. Regarding sailing boats: To be able to sail in tougher wind condition, the boat´s sailarea must be able to reduce by reefing or furling or changing to smaller sails.
Adding to the price payed when booking, is a fee of SEK6.50 per kilometer for coach´s travel from home to your boat and back, to be paid by swish or cash on site.

10 Alcohol policy:
All our sailing tours/courses/coaching are alcohol/drug free, meaning that no-one on board is allowed to be affected by or take any kind of drug or alcohol during the time at sea.

11. Covid-19:
We follow the rules of the authorities regarding Covid-19. We arrange almost only daytime sailing tours and courses during the pandemic, with no sleeping or common cooking on board. Private tours booked by a group or family who travel and/or live together, can however be booked. Please be aware that if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 you are not allowed to take part in the sailing tour or course. In a group of people travelling together this will then apply for the whole group if one individual shows any symptoms. We expect that you keep distance and wash your hands often. Generally, we will be outdoors and not inside the boat, and we are all aware about keeping distance when possible.

12. Insurance:
Tour participants are insured by Vind o Vatten in case of severe injury and/or loss of personal property. Own accident insurance is recommended as a supplement.